Monday, November 01, 2010

easy slowcooker pulled beef

so easy i didn't bother to take a pic - sort of a slow cooking 101 type of meal. i remember when i first started really using a slowcooker about 4 years ago, it was a constant feast of pulled chicken, pork and beef.

so the standard recipe i use (and i usually just start from frozen
3-3.5lb beef roast - any cheap cut will do
1c water
1/4c soy sauce
a few drops of liquid smoke
1tbsp minced garlic
1 c bbq sauce (any will do but I like ones with a smokey sort of flavour)
all into the slow cooker - on high for 2hrs gets the roast defrosted, 5hrs on low, take two forks and pull roast apart - mix in the slow cooker and another 30min - 1hr on low.

this time i also added one large onion chopped for the last hour.

we used this for several meals.

the first night was topping a caesar salad
the second night was on nachos (fried up with black beans and with cheese and salsa on nachos
the third meal was open faced sandwiches with lots of toppings like olives, cheese, etc
the 4th meal is worth writing a separate post - asian style lemongrass beef in a peanut sauce topped with toasted cashews on vermicelli.

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