Monday, November 22, 2010

kid-friendly recipes - part one - a few breakfast/snack ideas

most of the time, i try to just make food that my boys - 3.5 and 1, will eat as well.
sometimes it doesn't work,
sometimes i have leftovers that won't work
sometimes i just want the food to be easier to manage
or prettier to look at...

i have a gluten free mix and added thawed frozen blueberries, served with a bit of agave on top for the 3yr old, as is for the 1 yr old.

omelette with pesto, garlic and parmesan cheese - the 3yr old helped make the shapes - the extra bits were gobbled up by the one yr old.

omelette version 2 - pesto, shredded cheddar, garlic and a dash of mexican chili spice - used rice shapers - pressed as much as possible in, and then was able to make slices for the 3yr old - 1 yr old ate the ends, pieces.

typical veggie/fruit tray for the boys - even the 1yr old likes dipping.

i like my eggs like this too ;)

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