Friday, November 12, 2010

vanilla and maltesers ice cream

3c half and half
2/3c sugar (used turbinado)
1tsp vanilla extract
2c chopped maltesers
- melt sugar in a saucepan with the half and half on low - about 15min - refrigerate until cool, mix in vanilla
- into the ice cream maker for 25min - at that point, slowly pour chopped maltesers in.
- scoop into a freezer-safe container - should be ready in about 3hrs

...omg - this is the most flavourful ice cream i've made yet. slowly melting the natura sugar turbinado gives it something of a caramel taste. love love maltesers. this reminds me of the vanilla malteser ice cream i used to buy at greg's on bloor street in toronto...over a decade ago (loved the taste of it that much)

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