Monday, November 22, 2010

kid-friendly recipes - part two - a few meal ideas

my boys are pretty good at eating what we do - so several of these have basic modifications for self-feeding (in particular for the 1yr old - we did baby led solids with him so he has been mostly feeding himself since 6.5mths)

so when we had spaghetti this week, it was easier to serve with rice for the 1yr old, those sorts of modifications. and when nothing works, often a bowl of oatmeal with agave or banana or pear or apple sauce will work.

this is slow cooker chili from this week

from tonight's meal - my 3yr old polished off a chicken breast cut into strips

sweet potatoes from this week - my 3yr old helped make the letters - the one year old ate the pieces
argh the uploader won't load this right - tried 3 times - grilled cheese - added sweet potato puree in there and garlic and havarti.

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