Monday, March 31, 2008

ginger - easing the tum

i am in the throes of the flu - picked up from callum who picked it up from his cousins at easter. argh, my mind feels like a foggy spot - clear thoughts are hard to come by.

a spice that i have used more in the past several years is ginger, and mainly for its therapeutic effects.

ginger = best friend of a pregnant, nauseated woman? possibly, but ginger is good for so many reasons.

and you know i'm going to write about them...

some of the health issues ginger has been used for over the years include: digestive ailments, arthritis, infectious diseases, fever, high blood pressure, pain and muscle aches.

ginger, used therapeutically, is one of the few spices that have no contraindications for pregnant women. and i have taken in a lot of ginger tea in the past while i was pregnant.

ginger can be added to a bath to help with colds or flus, and even to help reduce inflammation.

an interesting article about this spice - Ginger causes ovarian cancer cells to die, U-M researchers find

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