Saturday, March 29, 2008

he's not getting better

so after another difficult night, callum is now not eating
his fever has broken each morning, but this latest development along with the inconsolable crying has led us to making sure of what it is

of course i had hoped that his cousins had only given him a cold or the flu, but apparently there is more to this

i am trying not to be upset. moral is i suppose to not visit family if they are going to interact with your child when you are sick. i worry too, because callum was born a preemie, and we had been advised by the nicu nurses that he may be more at risk for infection. amazing that we went 11.5mths without even a cold given that we were told that more than likely he'd need hospital care again within his first 6mths.

but i am upset

i really like a lot of the dr. sears info out there and have read several of his books, and this article about coughs, colds, and sinuses is immensely helpful in determining whether you need to seek medical attention for your child, and distinguishing the many common symptoms of childhood illnesses:

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