Sunday, March 23, 2008

we need more natural medicine in the world

...and i am not just talking about homeopathy and naturopathy and tcm - i love them all, and have used them all

but i am talking about the medicine that our own, human, bodies provide.

the benefits of breastmilk are just beginning to be recognized - not just for infants, toddlers and their mothers, but for the immuno-supressed as well.

consider this - "When there is milk available some milk banks will distribute it to adults who are immuno-compromised. Preliminary research indicates that breast milk can have nutritive, immunologic and palliative effects for cancer patients (Radetsky, 1999). Adults with GI disorders and organ donation recipients can also benefit from the immunologic powers of breast milk." wikipedia

it is both obscene and criminal to me that there is only one human milk bank in canada - in bc. what are we doing? why are we not considering natural products made by humans, for humans?

we need more research, and to respect the incredible powers within the human body.

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