Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the importance of rear-facing seats

luckily callum has only had to be in a car just over a dozen times in his 11mths of life.
but, he will be rear-facing as long as possible.
in a few countries, rear-facing is common until 3 or 4 years of age.
unfortunately, in canada, the maximum weight for a rear-facing seat is currently 30lbs. that is what we have for him. hopefully this will change
but am thankful he is such a lightweight as we should get close to the 2yr mark if he gains as he is.

in this province - current recommendations are 20lbs and or 1yr. you are not compelled to put an 18lb 1yr old rear-facing. this is not in the best interest of safety. as a registered massage therapist, i have seen my share of mva - motor vehicle accident victims - and the muscles most affected are along the course of the cervical spine. anything superior to a c5 injury is frankly deadly. and our youngest people are especially vulnerable.

a brilliant youtube video says it best...

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