Tuesday, April 08, 2008


we made it!
am including the message sent out to friends

it is hard to believe that our little boy is one.

callum started life by showing up 6 weeks early - before steve and i could adequately get through any new parenting books . thankfully, you get time to grow into the role of parent, to learn, and callum has taught us that waking us at all hours is a small price to pay for his infectious laugh, his unimaginably warm cuddles, his truly slobbery kisses, and reaching his little arms to be lifted up. i am so grateful that the first few days of constant tests and bruises, feeding tubes, and time in an isolette has made every single moment of holding him close so precious to me.

and so i have the signatures below as part of my way of celebrating my son, of celebrating my role as mother, celebrating life, and learning and growing with callum.

for those of you on facebook, the video i have made of one year with callum is of slightly better picture quality and is in the video section. for those who are not, i uploaded it to youtube, and am including the link -

a year with callum - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfjfPb3n1vE

we are blessed

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