Thursday, April 17, 2008

how life brings your friends

it's funny sometimes the way life brings you friends. i have an unexpected friendship that arose from my short few weeks in thailand when i was studying thai yoga massage and reflexology.

a fellow canadian, who although she expresses herself in a different way, shares a similar world view. i suppose she would have been labelled a hippie in another era, but i just see her as genuine, giving, and open.

the universe is amazing at play - she and i ran into each other at ottawa airport a year later - a world away in more ways than one. i made the obvious comment, well it was to us, that the universe intends for us to be friends. and that short, distant (geographically) friendship has meant a great deal as she just emanates love and support.

if there is proof sought for the existence of past lives i think that we just simply knew each other before. she lives a beautiful life without pretenses and trappings of materialism and i am blessed to call her friend.

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