Friday, April 04, 2008

if you need to use your dryer...

steve and i moved into an old house almost 2yrs ago. circa 1906, our house has needed a lot of work, with a lot still to do.
mending ill repairs etc.

we did buy energystar appliances as the tenants that lived here before took the washer and dryer with them, and had broken the dishwasher and stove and left us an old fridge which we gave to our handyman extraordinaire - sylvain

in any case, winter and spring are often difficult times to dry the laundry outside. but there are ways to avoid using dryer sheets or commercial fabric softeners (discovered by research and trial and error!)

easiest - dry your laundry on low heat as you would for delicates - static cling almost zero

next easiest - take aluminum foil - make a small ball and toss it in - buhbye static

not hard but effort required - take a small washcloth (i use one of callum's baby washcloths - wet it, rub in baking soda - at this stage you can toss it in or if you have a fabric hair elastic you can form the cloth into a ball so none of the baking soda comes out

you can add 2-3 drops of your fave essential oil to the foil or washcloth if you like a scent

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