Tuesday, April 22, 2008

earth day

so i went out on a long walk today - as usual with the boy in tow - and just saw the usual - lots of cars with one person in them. i don't know why i thought earth day would be different, and it isn't.

my earth day came when i got pregnant and decided to start making my own cleaners, body products, and buy more food with less packaging. we had already started using cork in our renos and energy star appliances. also enacted the if it is within 45min of walking time i walk - even in winter! having a child has made me realize that it one person can make a difference, and part of the reason i rejuvenated this blog was to start sharing ideas and recipes for making things at home. it is more effort, but it is less expensive in the end, and gentler on the part of the world around me. if i am to be a caretaker of the place around me for my son, then i am going to keep trying.

i celebrate the earth and what it means to me.

i celebrate the earth for my son

i promise to keep trying

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