Thursday, April 03, 2008

normalize breastfeeding - nursing ad

now that callum is on the cusp of becoming a toddler, i find myself saddened by the shock and questions that often arise for mothers who breastfeed past one. given that the world health organization has noted that the average age a child is breastfed until in this world is a little over 4yrs old - WE are the ones who are not normal.

i don't plan on severing my nursing relationship with my son anytime soon. and you can be a working mother and continue to breastfeed.

it's interesting how in such an "advanced" society we have such poor acceptance for really the most natural thing in the world. as an accompaniment to today's stint on the soapbox, i am posting a clip that shows toddlers and babies nursing. it was made by the health dept in puerto rico. seems like we can learn more than just how to salsa from our latin american neighbours.


Jeannie Babb Taylor said...

Thanks for the reminder that breastfeeding is not only normal, but that "extended breastfeeding" isn't really extended. Children all over the world turn to nursing for comfort and nurture.

star*mora said...
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star*mora said...

thanks so much - as you saw i linked to one of your absolutely BRILLIANT articles about breastfeeding - so it's quite exciting that you should leave a comment on my blog!

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