Monday, April 28, 2008

crockpot - the slow cooker so good

until recently, i had no idea of the sheer joy a crockpot could bring to one's life
yes, i would have said i was insane too if i didn't know how incredibly valuable they are

i had my husband pick one up a few weeks or so ago as a nice one was on sale for half price and i thought why not. in university people used to use them in the dorms to make mac and cheese so i knew it would at least be good for something

well what a revelation!

you just plop everything into one pot, set a timer and it's ready hours later. and you can add veggies for the last hour on high and all the meal is in one pot. omigosh couldn't be easier. we've had more roasts and whole chickens in one month than in the last 2 yrs.


there are 2 recipe collections i've gone to for ideas in crockpottering - a year of crockpotting is quite inspirational - great ideas, written by a woman who has a passion for this cooking form. outside of the recipe ideas, the photos and reviews of each recipe...well makes you want to become a crockpot devotee! index of their slow cooking collections - i love and have for years, and their slow cooker recipe collection is replete with many crockpot options - love!

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