Tuesday, June 15, 2010

does the world have a dream?

an interesting lecture i attended this weekend asked this simple question...

does the world have a dream? and then, do we have a dream for the world?

are we all reactionary, is the world about reaction and then action...it gave me much food for thought.

the algonquin shaman continued...close your eyes and listen to these words - imf, politics, money, oil spill, g8, g20...there were some chuckles in the audience.

did the words make you think, and more - did you react to them.
the chuckles spoke loudly.

he then went on how he could have used words like relationships, community, family and images/reactions would have been stirred as well.

then it moved into the global realm - is it all about reacting? do we simply move from disaster to disaster? does it sometimes get too much that we turn away from the news, from what is occurring in the world?

the talk stirred up more questions for me than i could answer. and ones that i hope i can.

we all have dreams, but what do we dream for this world? if we collectively dream, with our different voices, a world dream, could that shift from simply travelling from nightmarish disaster to disaster?

if the world could put its voice to a dream what would it be? a collection of voices, motivated and meditative - could that help usher in the dream-world. i love the phrase many voices make light work - we all take a piece of the seemingly enormous labor of fulfilling the dream for this world, and we make light, less-burdensome work.

...didn't help my insomnia (several weeks running), but it did make me think - does make me think - does make me ask, and look again at the vital importance of dreams.

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