Tuesday, June 08, 2010

freezer bag tip

i don't know, maybe everyone does this and i am the last person on the planet to figure it out.
but in case i am not, i get more use out of my freezer bags
as in - i can use them pretty much forever

what i do is save bags that bread, pitas, rolls come in - then i store any leftovers that i want to freeze instead of put in the fridge. so i wait until the food is completely cool, grab an old plastic bread bag, and put it in the freezer bag.

what is great about old bread/pita bags is that parts of it are transparent so you can still see what's inside and it's a great way to store smaller portions of leftovers in particular. i often put similar types of leftovers - like noodles or vegetarian dishes - in the same freezer bag. it's neat, clean and easy

keeps my life easy, and i don't have to buy freezer bags often at all.

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