Wednesday, June 16, 2010

making food for the bubs - grilled cheese

i love books like those by the sneaky chef as i have not only used them for c and e but also for adding extra goodness to some of the less healthy food indulgences (blog post last month re. black beans and the cake mix)

so for c, who is 3 and not always open to every type of food (although he does try most things - his latest love is pho from pho bo ga king - about 30m from our house), i sometimes have to get a bit creative. so with grilled cheese i most often add pulled chicken or mashed sweet potato in the sandwich. he's great with any whole grain (he's never really had white bread), so the challenge is to make a grilled cheese that has more than just cheese and bread.

i sometimes do shapes too.
and this time i combined both...

so simple
- ancient grain bread
-2 slices provolone
- 2 tbsp pulled chicken breast
- dash of minced garlic
- butter
- and butter for frying in the iron-cast skillet

and the result...
went heart-themed (and the only thing he didn't finish was the polish sausage - guess the heart does matter when it comes to 3yr old eating patterns!)

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