Monday, August 02, 2010

what would you do if you could not fail?

i was at a lecture in june where the intuitive life coach leading the discussion asked this question.

what would you do if you could not fail?

and then she continued to explain that voicing that brings all visions together to that goal. there were so many components to that lecture - food for future posts - but in terms of envisioning the future, she just put it so succinctly...gathered the thoughts i've had in the past...made sense and words of them.

intuitively, i have been moving in this direction - natural wellness for lack of a better term.
after books about shamanism, energy medicine, etc., etc...
and courses and lectures on sound therapy and past lives and crystals
all over the place and yet coming together to that one goal
that one idea
the one that i have held as a pipe dream
the one that i would do if i could not fail

and now its voice
a natural wellness centre
open to all - families, singles, couples, friends.
retreats, courses, workshops, gatherings
a gathering of wellness practitioners, healers, philosophers
a place big enough for all the positive, full energy to grow and rise

it will happen
maybe not today, tomorrow
perhaps 20yrs from now
but i've seen my wandering and searching as a journey
i am not lost
i am figuring it all out

what would you do if you could not fail...

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