Wednesday, November 30, 2005

back from the west

and another grey cup goes to the eskimos!

well at least i went to the right parties...the spirit of edmonton parties
you meet a lot of fun and offbeat people and see your share of rubber chickens

so last night at the airport i helped out one of the montreal canadiens
now not being a habs fan i didn't know
but a few airport agents were loving it
and a really nice guy trying to attend to a family emergency
so i may get a few free unsolicited tickets
anyone game?
just goes to show that just because you are a big hockey jock doesn't mean you can't be a super nice guy!

and today i met another amazing person at the spa
fighting strong unbreakable spirit
a new client who has booked another appt with me and has sle, ra, battled a few long-titled cancers.
so it was a good challenge to all of my clinical studies
pharmacology pathology and looking for neurological signs during treatment
so fun...

and this is part of my week
varied challenging tiring fantastic and full

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