Tuesday, November 22, 2005

thoughts on earl grey before heading to the grey cup

well it is only a few days until i fly out to vancouver to take part in the pre grey cup festivities
and having worked as a tour guide at rideau hall several years ago
i read up and researched all of our governors general here in canada
and earl grey seemed like a plucky gent
who would have been a lot of fun

the 4th earl grey was gg from 1904-11
the great canadian tradition of the cfl's grey cup is named for him
this is the gg that obtained the landau that is still used for official events
for bringing new embassadors to rideau hall to be welcomed by the governor general
for several other government functions too

but earl grey had his fun too
ottawa was still a far cry from a cultured city
and earl grey's time at rideau hall may have included the usual tired stiff official work
but also took some time to set up less formal events
on the site of rideau hall
there once stood a tobaggan run, nearly .5km in length
and many diplomats would be initiated into canadian life with a ride down the slide
rideau hall also had a skating rink and shack for winter skating parties
and earl grey was often seen in his big fur hat taking part in the festivities
less formal times for a formal office

the 4th earl grey undoubtedly would have enjoyed our yearly football fest

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