Thursday, November 24, 2005


sometimes when i think about how far we've come
i think about flight
being able to visit friends and relatives
like this summer
celebrating the lives of auntie peggy and uncle mimos
catching up with lots of relatives
meeting some that i didn't even know were related to me
i come from a big family!

and also
it makes me think of the pioneers of flight
today i thought of brown and alcock
the names you don't hear as much about
but these two were the first to complete a non-stop transatlantic flight
from newfoundland to the coast of ireland
facing ice and mechanical failure
in 1919 these two brits flew a vimy vicker across a tempestuous ocean
in ireland there is a hotel that bears their name
in ottawa there is a beautiful weather vane with a vimy vicker on one side that flies over the east block on parliament hill
my days as a tour guide in ottawa pointed out all of these lovely historical notes to go along with the grander buildings
so many moments in history are commemorated here in ottawa
but so many of them have to be looked for
they don't just stand in front of you
look at me look at me
and a great flight is commemorated by a weather vane that flies higher above this city than anything except the peace tower

a fantastic recollection of the first transatlantic flight is on newfoundland's grand banks site...

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