Friday, November 11, 2005

strange eve at yow

sometimes it hits me
how odd working for an airline is
i mean you get these extreme markers of human behaviour
that i really don't think you see anywhere else
you see teary goodbyes
people running to flights after customs held them up
people happy to be getting out of ottawa
and then you have the real extremes
like a gent tonight
you knew it was trouble when you see the police in their bulletproof vests surrounding someone
and the guy was screaming and screaming and going nuts
and he wasn't even booked to fly until tomorrow
but i guess he thought if he screamed loud enough
and spewed out enough ugliness
that he would get his way
not tonight
but i can't think of another job where you see these extremes
and then i go and work in massage and things are calm
and you can do something about pain
or just meditate
but it is much more quiet than
ottawa airport
but the airport does have a tim horton's
on *every* floor

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