Tuesday, November 15, 2005

dublin, dionne, and delving into childhood memories there

this is me and my cousin dionne in dublin this past summer
she is newly engaged
and will be married next summer
and it is the happiness that comes with something both new and yet permanent that makes this time so special for her
and this blog's to you girl!

steve and i had a beautiful morning to spend in dublin with dionne
wandering around
our starting point was her workplace - English in Dublin

how the once familiar becomes un-
i have all of these bits and pieces of childhood memories from living in dublin
i don't remember the name of my school there
but i remember there were hedgehogs
i remember rathfarnham and the yellow house
i remember saving my 50p allowance for several weeks to buy paper doll collections
but i don't remember the shop, except that the inside of it had a deep rich brown wood colour to it
and i remember coming home, back to canada
and joanne giving me a muppet soap bar of fozzie bear before i left dublin
as home
and came back

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