Thursday, November 10, 2005

One of the things I love most

i have loved native canadian art as long as i can remember
my mom and dad would reduce the variety in my childhood diet to a lot of macaroni and cheese and hotdogs (with my dad all-too-often, and rather unfortunately for the rest of us, opting for beans) in order to secure another beautiful piece of art
i love the colours of them
i love the organic, unforced spirituality that teems out of them
i love that they have impact in their simplicity
and i can attribute my full out, i have run out of walls, art collection to my parents who introduced me to this art at a very young age
the vast majority of what i collect comes from the 2nd generation of sandy lake reservation artists who have continued the woodland tradition built on the artwork of morrisseau, kakegamic and trudeau
photos of the art collection that fill the walls (and frames on the floor) of the house to come, but not all at once
i think steve knew what he was getting into when the first few purchases arrived
we may need to create more walls in the house...or hang them on the ceilings?!

i love being surrounded by art

in and around ottawa, outside of this house, the best place to see some incredible native art is at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

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