Wednesday, November 09, 2005


i don't really understand how it can be raining out, and yet my skin is still dry
it is that strange wet-dry phenomenon
unwanted hydrotherapy

but speaking of wanted hydrotherapy
i am combatting the lethargy that tends to shadow me come each november
and no, it isn't the prospect of getting older...

back to the is the time for those pick me up essential oils
did a steam room stint at the gym and an inhalation at home

today's inhalation was simple...8 drops of pure grapefruit oil tossed into 3/4L of boiled water in a pot...shrouded myself over the pot with a towel, closed my eyes and breathed slowly, breathe in 4 sec hold 2 sec breathe out 4 sec increasing to 4 sec in hold 10 sec out 4 sec...for 15min.

trying to combat insomnia
if i can't sleep i can work on remembering how to relax or unwind

after blogging for work for over a year of my 3.5yrs there, and reading other friends blogs, kinda felt that my blogging style has been kind of boxed in by the headlines of working for a major u.s. publication

and as life continues crazychaoticwildandfun i am here
la vie n'est pas toujours tranquille, la vie dans la ville n'est pas toujours tranquille

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