Saturday, October 16, 2010

apple cinnamon and caramel muffins - gluten free

i altered a recipe posted by laura at from taste of home
for the topping - oats are called for (i can handle them in small doses, but many with issues to wheat gluten may find it an this case the oats are not necessary at all - plenty of flavour without them

for sugar/brown sugar i used one of my fave natural sugars - demerara.
for flour i used a combo of rice flour, tapioca starch and about a cup's worth of bob's gluten free biscuit mix
for the apple - i doubled what was called for in the recipe and used an organic gala apple
for the caramels - i sprayed both the knife and caramels with pam to cut more easily
for the caramels - i didn't fold them in - i stuck them in individually
the muffin mix and the topping mix

yeah - see - topping not necessary - i think a bit of sugar, cinnamon and a tiny bit of butter would have been more than sufficient...

all cleaned up and sampled - delicious - we all loved these

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