Sunday, October 24, 2010

reiki affirmation and new experiences

the reiki affirmation

just for today,
     i will not worry
i will not be angry
     i will do my work honestly
i will give thanks for my many blessings
     i will be kind to my neighbour and all living things

i had to write it out. i think it's beautiful. i will try to be mindful.

i took a course in reiki this weekend. i filled myself up with new experiences and blessings and empowerments and i brought it home.

my eldest has had this terrible, incessant cough dogging him
breaking sleep
body shaking
and he has been a brave little man
smiles and chat

so tonight i used my new tool
i gave him a treatment - tapotement, reflexology and general massage
and then i did my first reiki treatment
slow and thoughtful
and now he sleeps
an hour free from coughing so far

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