Wednesday, October 27, 2010

fudge - from disaster to delish (brownies)!

the final result - from fudge failure to moist, tasty brownies
i thought i could do it.
i thought i could make fudge and it would be thick and creamy and cut into beautiful squares...
for some reason i can't make fudge
the flavour is there but it doesn't set
so really, it's always been tasty-ish slime
and i suppose i thought with some of my recent baking successes that i could conquer my consistent fudge failures...

i started off hopeful, i found an easy recipe i had the ingredients for at home
with an impressive name like million dollar fudge - seriously - how could i lose?
ok, so i didn't have sweet german chocolate or marshmallow creme...but i did have hershey's milk chocolate chips (1c) and mini marshmallows - used 2c worth of these (mmm, midnight snack possibilities)
it started off well
but then, the didn't set
the slimey chocolatey mess had returned.
finally though, an idea for the fix.
i thought i was just a bit of flour, eggs, milk and baking powder away from delicious brownies
the fix
so i spooned the mess back into a bowl and added
1c bob's gluten free biscuit mix and 1/4c rice flour
1 egg
1/4c almond milk (i think any milk would have worked
1/2tsp baking powder
back into 2 pans and about 1/3 inch thick in each
in a 350 oven for 12-15min as the fudge had already been boiled and hot
i am sure i heard clapping in the background, or maybe it was lip smacking when these came out and were tasted, wolfed down with morning coffee
finally redemption after another failed fudge will be a while before i try to succeed again

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