Friday, October 15, 2010

jam pie - gluten free

thanksgiving - perfect excuse to try and make some new desserts. i liked this one because it looked easy to make, and easy to make gluten free.
so i used a recipe from one of my cookbooks (one of the company's coming), and altered it to make it gluten free.

50-60mL whiskey (about 2oz to a little more) - i used 50mL of crown royal
1.5c jam (i used strawberry
1 egg
1c butter softened
1/2c sugar (i used demerara)
3c flour (i used 2c rice flour and 1c bob's gluten free biscuit mix flour)

cream butter and sugar in bowl, add whiskey and egg (beat in), and add flour

take 2/3 of dough and press in a 9x13 pan

spread jam on top

use the rest of the dough on top (the original called for a criss cross pattern but i was going butterfly themed as we had recently gone to a butterfly show

in a 350 oven for about 30min until lovely and golden like this
i am not a huge baker but as you can see by the few ingredients, this one is hard to screw up. the flavour does rely on the jam and the booze so i went for a triple fruit jam and good quality whiskey and it was really lovely. total keeper - you'd never know this was gluten free, as the booze and butter seemed to elevate the finicky nature of gluten free flour and make it a lot like the glutinous, wheat-y version.

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