Friday, October 08, 2010

thanksgiving menu - pre-recipes

my favourite holiday is coming up.
i love thanksgiving
here in canada there is no black friday shopping, it's not close to christmas, it kind of stands alone
and sometimes it's warm enough to sit outside and eat out on the deck (without an outdoor heater)

growing up, my duty for thanksgiving was to decorate and set the table. my parents have a beautiful garden, and gourds galore at the grocery store, so i would gather pine cones and brilliant coloured leaves and gourds and twigs and get creative. and the beautiful spread of food (my mom is a chef), and family.

so now, it is both a happy and bittersweet holiday. having 2 young boys and a long drive for a 3 day weekend is a bit too much. my one year old HATES being in a car (as in cease-less screams). but i still love the holiday and we've made some of our own traditions - we go for a hike along one of the trails in the nearby provincial park (the one in my autumnal gratitude post) - we feast al fresco when possible - we reflect on the things we are thankful for - and i still gather "decorations" from the outdoors to set the table.

this is a rough sketch of my thanksgiving menu (will post it when i've made it all...
app - meatballs and dipping sauces
salad - caesar salad
sides/main - turkey (the only time of year i must have turkey)
- roast potatoes
- mac and ch-easy bake (i am going to make it all gluten free so rice pasta shells, and am going to hide pureed veggies in it to make it healthier)
dessert - raspberry/apple sorbet - hopefully these will work together
jam bake
and skor squares

i'll post the

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