Tuesday, August 10, 2010

aji - colombian week

(looking a bit foamy after i attacked with the hand blender to blend the tomato a bit more, but it settled into more of a murky colour accented by the ingredients)

oh aji (ah-hee) - so simple and so perfect.
i love spicy food, and i have to admit that the first time i went to colombia i was surprised at how little fire was in the food.

instead there was a lot of meat, a lot of fish, a lot of grilling and pan frying, a lot of beans and chicken and rice, hearty soups
- all seasoned well
....but...decidedly un-spicy.

then i tried the most miraculous of condiments - aji
aji is spicy
lights up the plainest dishes
so easy
so good
and i looked for years for a recipe that reminded me of the aji i had with pretty much every meal possible every time i visited colombia.

and a few weeks ago...I FOUND IT!
i made it and this was it,
i was back in a small cafe eating chicken and rice and beans drowned in aji (i know i used a lot of it...the locals commented on my profound enthusiasm for it.

so here it is...and only one modification - it's not easy to get habanero peppers in season right now around here so i used two tiny red thai chilis (half seeded - they are hard to completely seed) instead...

aji recipe

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