Monday, August 23, 2010

meat and potatoes - aka steak and potato wedges

hadn't done a bbq night in a while so it was salad, steak and potatoes on the menu. pretty uncomplicated.

i marinated 3 striploin steaks in a bit of
olive oil,
soya sauce,
a few drops of liquid smoke,
1/2tsp minced garlic and
two squirts of natural honey (this is my standard marinade and i don't really mess with it - i love it and always get compliments on it)

potato wedges

1 large sweet potato, 3 medium white potatoes cut into wedges
tossed in about 1/4c kraft red pepper and parmesan dressing

i greased a cookie sheet and cooked these in a 375 oven until nice and golden in colour.

nice - and there were enough wedges for leftovers.

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