Saturday, August 07, 2010

sancocho - fish stew, colombian style

I used this recipe for sancocho - but I made a lot of modifications.

could not find azafron so i used more cumin and turmeric instead
i also used 3 white potatoes in addition to
the yucca...

and plantains...

also, could not find fish stock
so i used a vietnamese pho base that had shrimp and other seafood flavours in it
i also added a leek (because i had 2 leeks in the fridge that had to be used up and - well - i love leeks in soup)
i used tilapia for the fish

i also used my slow cooker so i could just prep and toss everything in
cooked on high for 3hrs and low for 1 seemed to soften the potatoes and yucca and the crockpot did its magic in terms of getting a really smooth fish flavour throughout the soup...

so i took pics, but duh forgot to take one of it as a bowl of soup

i did however take a pic of the sancocho being used as leftovers with rice and topped with aji (i saved the broth as my 3yr old loved it!)...

this recipe yielded enough for 6 full meals for 2 adults, several bowls of soup for the 3yr old and lots of tasting and lip smacking from the 10mth old - cost-effective and a smashing success. was great as leftovers without the broth too! this is going to be a winter staple for us - so much goodness and so many meals from one recipe!

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