Monday, August 09, 2010

colombian week - kind of like pandebono, kind of not

(final product...)

i tried to duplicate these wonderful, cheese filled buns that dh and i used to get from a street vendor in the candelaria district of bogota

it was just him
a grill
and these corn buns stuffed with cheese (similar to mexican queso blanco)
and aji on the side
the vendor made these tin foil swans - put the piping hot bun in and lots of space for scoops of aji (part of tomorrow's recipe)

you can see my attempts through photos and ingredients - simple ingredients - not purely authentic, but tasted pretty close....we ate all 7 of the buns i made in one sitting - 1 by the 3yr old, 3 each for dh and i - topped with aji i made several times during the week.

recipe - made 7 buns
1 c mozzarella cheese cut into 7 good sized chunks
2c masa flour (precooked corn flour)
1 egg
2c warm water
dash of salt
- mix all but the cheese with your hands in a bowl

- form into balls
- take a piece of cheese per ball and push it in

- reshape the ball so the cheese is completely covered in the dough

- lightly spray or brush with oil or cooking spray

- cooked these in the toaster oven at 350 for about 15min

- top with aji and serve

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