Monday, August 23, 2010

shrimp and leftover pesto pasta

pasta is comfort food for me. but white pasta, whole wheat pasta, etc. lead to heartburn and cramps for me. so i tend to use organic, gluten free brown rice pasta. it's good! but i should have adjusted the recipe to reflect that a bag of g-f pasta was 2/3 lb (300g) and not 1lb (454g) - so it was a bit sauce heavy - delicious but sauce heavy.

i did the sauce in the wok.

bag of g-f brown rice pasta (tinkyada)
2c italian nacho toppings (italian sausage, onion, red pepper, tomato, olives
1lb shrimp
1/4c butter
3/4c basil pesto
2c of rice milk or lite table cream
1/4c grated parmesan

i used the near 2cups of leftover toppings from my italian nachos
i cooked a pound of shrimp in the wok (removed when cooked)

butter, milk and pesto in the wok over medium heat until the sauce reduces a little
throw in the rest of the ingredients and stir and mix until well blended
add sauce to pasta

simple, easy, delicious - my 3 yr old loves shrimp, pasta and pesto so this works for him too.

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